Booking Risse is booked exclusively by East Coast Entertainment. Our lead agent is Barry Herndon, (919) 875-1800. Once you have initiated the process, the agency will direct you to the band website or page where you will find Risse videos, photos, songlists and other relevant information.  Expect the first communication from Bandleader Jaisun McMillian by email thanking you for choosing Risse approximately 1 week after returning your signed booking agreement.

Jaisun will assist you with coordinating every aspect of music choices based on your preferences and guest demographics. She will answer questions and offer suggestions based on her years of industry experience and track record for professionalism and efficiently in working with presenters.

1.  Choosing The Music

Risse can provide a wide variety of background music for cocktail hour, breaks, etc.  Risse also offers the flexibility of a live Jazz duo(vocalist and one instrument) for Cocktail Hour.

For ceremonial dances (First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son) The band can perform the song live or play the original version. This is an important point of discussion.

For songs played during Risse sets, presenters are welcome to suggest preferences from the band’s songlist, but the band reserves the right to compose the songlist order.

Please let the band know in advance of any special dances, i.e., Hava Nagila or others.

Jaisun is very proficient at announcing wedding party, emceeing, etc. She requests that a list for wedding party announcements be emailed to her  at no later than one week prior to the event.

We can also accommodate requests for added instrumentation such as horn. This should be discussed with our booking agent during the initial process.



2. Arriving For Set up

The band will arrive on the day of your event at least two hours prior to the time specified as “set up by”. Jaisun will work with the venue to insure that staging and electrical requirements are clarified. It is important not to have the stage lights on the same circuit as the sound. A stage or solid dry foundation is imperative for safety on outdoor performances.

Hot meals, refreshments for the 6 band members are usually provided at “Set Up By”, under normal circumstances. Contact Jaisun for any special arrangements.

Dressing rooms, locker rooms, meeting room, etc. with a place to leave clothing and bags would be most appreciated.

Payment due the band on night of event (balance) for services should be made out to VICTOR STONE only, and  in the form of cash, cashier’s check, money order, personal check on a major bank.(No starter checks please). The payment may be given to Bandleaders Jaisun McMillian or Victor Stone.